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Managed Servers

High-performance hardware backed by an expert team to set up, manage and monitor your servers on your behalf.

Get the power of a dedicated server along with our in-house experts to help manage your server.

We'll take care of everything

TickServer Set UpTickMonitoring and MaintenanceTickServer Security
We'll get you started in no time! Right from installing cPanel, configuring your add-ons to setting up a CMS of your choice, our team will do it all.We'll make sure your engines are well-oiled by constantly monitoring and optimizing your server performance, and maintaining your applications for you.Our security specialists will make sure your server is firewalled, your applications and OS are promptly updated and your server is protected from viruses and malware.

See how Managed Servers compare with Dedicated Servers

Choose your Server

Managed Servers

Price $AUD (inc GST*)

Price $USD (inc GST*)


All plans include a team of experts who will set up, manage and monitor your servers.

Benefit from our Years of Experience in Managing Servers

Our Server specialists do it all

Our Server specialists do it all

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

360 Degree Security

360 Degree Security

TickServer setup with instant cPanel installationTickTimely security audits
TickFirewall installation and configurationTickOS hardening
TickInstallation and optimization of popular CMSesTickOn-request anti-virus and malware scans
TickSet up of add-ons (IP blocks, Softaculous etc.)TickSecurity enhancements and upgradations
Application Installations

Application Installations

Monitoring & Health Checks

Monitoring & Health Checks

TickBest efforts third party app supportTickUptime monitoring on request
TickInstallation and configuration of cPanel pluginsTickMonitoring HTTP, FTP, cPanel, Plesk services
TickFull web server support including ApacheTickAdvanced protocol monitoring (HTTPS, FTP etc.)
TickFull control panel supportTickCritical resources monitoring (RAM, CPU)
Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

And Lots More...

And Lots More...

TickRepair of supported software issuesTickScheduled backups over SAN or another server
TickUpdates of supported software and appsTickMigration of unlimited accounts and size
TickLog file analysisTickProtection from spam (inbound and outbound)
TickMySQL optimization on requestTickApache optimization etc.

Optional Addons

Optional Addons

San Storage

You can purchase additional storage on our Shared Storage Device. This will be instantly attached to your server as a disk, at which point you can format it and mount it. We offer various options, starting from 50GB all the way to 500GB. You can also purchase this as an addon from your Control Panel after your server has been provisioned.


We support cPanel/WHM, this will get automatically installed on your server, and will be ready in minutes. You don’t have the headache of installing cPanel - we take care of it for you! CPanel/WHM is free with Managed Servers.


We offer WHMCS as a billing panel for your dedicated server. You can purchase the license from us for a significantly lower cost, and then install it on your dedicated server. The WHMCS addon can be purchased at the time of your order or from your Control Panel after your server has been provisioned.

Additional IP

Your server comes with 1 IP for the server plus 2 additional Free IPs. Additional IP addon can be purchased at the time of your order or from your Control Panel after your server has been provisioned.

Compare Dedicated to Managed Servers

Dedicated v/s Managed Servers


Dedicated Servers

Managed Servers


Server deploymentYes TickYes Tick
WHMCS InstallationYes TickYes Tick
cPanel InstallationYes TickYes Tick
Installation of core software packagesYes TickYes Tick
Installation of popular CMSesNo XYes Tick
Firewall installation and configurationNo XYes Tick
Add-On setup and configuration (IP blocks, Softaculous etc.)No XYes Tick


Upgrades for cPanelYes TickYes Tick
Upgrades for OSYes TickYes Tick
Upgrades of core software packagesYes TickYes Tick
Timely security auditsNo XYes Tick

OS hardening

No XYes Tick
Countering spam (inbound and outbound)No XYes Tick
On-request anti-virus and malware scansNo XYes Tick
Regular security enhancementsNo XYes Tick

Maintenance and Repair

Server boot issuesYes TickYes Tick
Network issuesYes TickYes Tick
Hardware issuesYes TickYes Tick
Core OS updates and patchesYes TickYes Tick
Reverse DNS set upYes TickYes Tick
Repair of cPanel installationYes TickYes Tick
Best efforts third party application supportNo XYes Tick
Repair of all supported softwareNo XYes Tick
On-request updates of supported softwareNo XYes Tick
Full web server support including ApacheNo XYes Tick
Full control panel supportNo XYes Tick
Log file analysisNo XYes Tick


Uptime monitoringNo XYes Tick
All services monitoring (HTTP, FTP, cPanel, Plesk)No XYes Tick
Advanced protocol monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc.)No XYes Tick
Critical resources monitoringNo XYes Tick

Other Services

Setting up scheduled back ups over SAN or another serverNo XYes Tick
Advanced migration services of unlimited accounts and sizeNo XYes Tick
MySQL optimizationNo XYes Tick
Protection from spamNo XYes Tick



All prices shown in Australian Dollars (AU$) include 10% GST.
* International Customers do not pay GST and this amount will be deducted from the total amount when you place your order.
To calculate the amount of GST divide the amount by 11.
At present we accept both AU$ and US$.


Fiona Joy Hawkins
Lithgow Tourism Information
Blue Mountains Records
Sydney Blues & Roots Festival

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Domain Name Registration
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Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Our servers are located in Sydney, Australia and Dallas, Texas and Richmond, Viginia, USA.



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Web Design
Each website is custom designed to your specifications: e-Commerce and Business Packages Available.